10 marathons, 10 mistakes – number 1

LondonBetween 2011 and 2015, I finished 9 marathons, and I am now preparing for number 10. So this is a good moment to look back … and be amazed.

It is amazing how many mistakes one single runner was able to make in such a short period of time.

I hope I learned a couple of things from it, and I am happy to share the mistakes, and what I learned from them.

#Mistake nr 1 : “Trying it on your own”

Trying it on my own was not the smartest idea, to say the least. Before 2011, I wanted to run a marathon, and I really wanted it. But time and again, I started the preparation, full of hope, all by myself, full of ambition, and also, full of theoretical knowledge, gathered from reading articles, magazines, books, etc.

Time and again, I got injured. When training, I went too fast (without realizing this) AND at the same time I increased my distances in such a way that I was – literally – begging for injuries.

Not so smart. At a certain point in time, I gave up. I decided that running a marathon was never going to work out for me. Then I got inspired by Karel Bakkes. Very straightforward, he told me during a Dinner in The Hague (I will never forget this !) : Peter, if this is your dream, then go for it ! And I was told: of course you can do it ! If this is your dream, you will make it happen. Very inspiring. Great to hear from someone else that all of this was going to work out … Even when I was not convinced, at all.

In all honesty : without Karel, this story would be a very short one.

I started running again, that very same evening after dinner. And I realized that I needed to change a couple of things. This time, I was not going to do this on my own.  Annick De Ridder advised me to join MMC, or Manager Marathon Club, and so I did. MMC is a great running club, full of motivated, inspiring, and experienced marathon runners. Their Founder, Wilfried Silon, and their Coach, Tomas Valcke, explained some of the basics to me. Among others, I had to start running with a heart-rate monitor.

I knew that, of course. Because I had been reading this over & over again, but I had never gotten to the point where I actually started using it.  When I did it, I could see immediately that I had to train at a much slower pace.

And I got a great training schedule. Foto Marathon LondonSometimes a fast or intensive running session (interval, hill training, etc.), sometimes a long run (but NEVER fast and long runs !), and to my surprise : on many days, no running at all.

Again, I knew the theory behind this, but only after joining MMC I started to understand the stupidity of training too long and too fast with no rest.

Of course, even with the heart-rate monitoring and the great training schedule, I got injured again. But this time, I got great advise, I got a lot of support from co-runners, and I went to see a Doctor (a marathon runner himself), all of which helped me through the injuries. London - splits

As for the “happy ending” … : I finished the London Marathon in 2011 within 4 hrs 04 mins, going steady until 30 km (at +- 5:30 mins/km), and then my speed went down rapidly, ending the marathon at 6:49 mins/km.

I learned so much from this experience. First and foremost, I learned that I shouldn’t have tried this my own, for so long. That getting great guidance, motivational coaching, sound medical check-ups, etc. are – by far – the biggest “gifts” you can reward yourself with.

And I knew this immediately : more marathons (& many more mistakes …) were going to follow !


Peter De Groof



4 gedachten over “10 marathons, 10 mistakes – number 1

  1. Dette betyr ikke at du er i stand til å handle uten behov for minst noen innledende vanligvis er tilrådelig å forskning før du kjøper,
    og har en grunnleggende forståelse av hva du er engasjerende i.
    Gjennomføre noen demo handler før risikere din økonomi, og så snart
    du føler mer behagelig det er mulig å våge inn i mer avanserte markeder
    for eksempel binære alternativer eller aksjer.


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