Stress – get rid of it !

In this blogpost I explore five good ways of getting get rid of stress.

Worry lessMore importantly, I want to explore what are easy-to-achieve ways of getting rid of stress.  The first one is TOO easy !

And it’s my number 1: “Worry less, run more“, this is the easiest way (for me) to get rid of any kind of stress, when I feel tense, when I can’t let go of certain problems : I decide to go for a run, I get dressed, and there we go. Problem solved, within 1 hour !

If this happens at 11 pm : so be it. Then I wear a headlight, and neighbours probably think “God needs his number”, but so be it, after 1 hour, I am totally stress free, and they aren’t.

Running sets me free of anxiety, distress, worries, it gives me the feeling that I am in control. Run with your heartI can make my own decisions, life is full of choices, I can go left, or I can go right.

And even during the shortest runs, new ideas pop up, just like that.

It literally allows me to look at things from a distance.

Running is something that you do with your heart, too. Apart from all the thinking & all the rational contemplation, running also allows you to let your heart speak out. This way, you forget about what you can’t do.

Other easy-to-achieve things that allow you to get rid of stress ? I recently read this (great !!) blogpost “10 Ways to De-Stress Your Day, Hour by Hour“, written by Anuschka from Berlin.  Really good blogpost, with some real eye-openers for me, in many respects. For example, this is the number 2 I want to mention :

“Instead of immediately checking your emails and social media feeds after waking up, start your day slowly, with a morning ritual to set the tone for the day and gather your thoughts”.

Yes ! That goes wrong, and often so. Of course it’s very tempting to start checking emails etc. first thing in the morning ( because after all, by then we have missed out on six, seven or perhaps even MORE hours in the online universe ! ).  Another great piece advise from Anuschka from Berlin is this one, my number 3:

“One of the most gratifying and fun ways to de-stress, is to learn something new. I love diving into new topics and teaching myself new skills. The key to making it fun is to approach it without expectations and without being too results-oriented.”

I like that one. Whenever I do this, it gives me a lot of satisfaction: for example, I have a keen interest in History, and I thoroughly enjoy reading all about World War I, World War II, etc., but the difficult thing for me is to avoid the “results-oriented” approach ! Once I start thinking “I should do something with this”, the stress-reduction effect is gone.

As I mentioned earlier: we explore “easy-to-achieve” ways of getting rid of stress, and this one can be difficult, because learning new things requires setting aside a little bit of time now & then, and more often than not, we’re too busy. I looked up this question, and here’s the answer:

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour” (Old zen saying)

Or, visually:

don't have time

Number 4 is a little bit awkward, but here we go:

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down & shut up“. Negative Committee in your head

True. Sometimes it feels like that, as if all kinds of negative voices inside our head are discussing all the things that went wrong, all the things that can go wrong, or that will go wrong, and then who is to blame for them, etc.

Terrible. So you have to tell them to shup up.

Easy.  The last solution, number 5, is my all-time favorite, from Winnie The Pooh.

WinnieThis is a little bit of a mantra:

“Whatever happens, you’re always braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Out of these 5 ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, this one is by far the most challenging one: it’s easy to think that you’re not up to it, and it’s natural to be overwhelmed by things that went wrong, by things you can’t control, etc.

So the solution is to keep repeating this to yourself !

Good luck !!


Peter De Groof

Belfius Marathon Brussel - aankomst


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