Marathon running – 10 Lessons Learned

Running Infographic

Marathon running – 10 lessons which I learned, usually, the hard way ! 🙂

‘1. On getting started, don’t try it on your own.

‘2. On the importance of food

‘3. About strength training.

‘4. Your ambitions, and how to keep them at a realistic level.

‘5. Injuries are a fact of life, when you run marathons. Have patience, and look for professional/medical help!

‘6. Don’t start too fast. If you go out too fast, regret it you will!

‘7. The benefits of cross-training.

‘8. All about mental strength, this is often overlooked.

‘9. Long runs are fun, but speed work is where the magic happens!

’10. Never give up!

All questions & comments on this, more than welcome?

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