It’s only cold if you’re standing still

There’s winter running, and there’s summer running.Cold

I really like summer running, when it’s warm, when I feel the sun: this gives me a lot of energy.

These days however, winter running on the agenda. I don’t like it too much, it’s hard to get going when it’s dark outside, when it’s cold, and rainy.

(Source quote.)

Today I did winter running, a 10 km tempo run, and I was wearing three layers: but still feeling miserable!

And envying people who made a smarter choice when it came to selecting a nice & warm indoor hobby.

Can winter running be made more fun?

VisualMost tips & tricks deal with the health and safety aspects of winter running:

“Get noticed”,

“Layer up”,

“Keep hydrated”, etc.

Most articles on this topic zoom in on the clothing & gear aspects: what kind of socks to wear, etc.

But how to get motivated & bring winter running to the same level of fun, compared to summer running?

“Scheduling a spring race” is a decent  idea, but it doesn’t do the trick, for me! (Source quote.)

One thing that helps me (winter and summer) is music.

So, this one was quite good:

12 Songs To Motivate Your Cold Weather Runs, For Those Of You Who Are Brave Enough To Get Out There

My favorite being number 5, but that’s personal ! 🙂

GlovesOn a personal note, today I did running without gloves, but that was about the last time, for this winter.

As of tomorrow, these are my brand new gloves!

WITHindex and thumb tips for smartphone“!

So that I can handle my (Runkeeper) app during longer runs !

Many thanks a lot to Kathelijne !

Question to end with: what’s your favorite trick to make winter running more fun?

Kind regards,



6 gedachten over “It’s only cold if you’re standing still

  1. The biggest problem I find is that it is cold in the beginning but after a while you get warmer and warmer. So you need warm running clothes to start but after a while it feels “too” warm. The same with gloves. I really need them in the beginning but after a while my hands feel like they are cooked. Or perhaps I should invest in clothing that can handle all of that?

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