There is Always Someone Faster…

Beste lezer,

20160725_215141Zo is het maar net:

Running is all relative. There is always someone faster“.

Dat kan je jammer vinden.

Dat kan ontmoedigend overkomen.

Je kan je daar door laten frustreren.

Of je kan het omkeren, en dit als een ENORME opportuniteit zien.

Boeiende blog van Run Coach Nick, wiens blog we warm aanraden:

Faster people can help you get faster. Surround yourself with experience, people who know about your sport, and who can teach you about it. This will make you a better – and smarter – runner“.

Dit principe gaat natuurlijk verder dan hardlopen, en we kunnen dat breder zien:

Surround yourself with positive people – people who are here to help build you up, to teach you, to help you – not tear you down. These can be colleagues at work, friends, family members – anyone who is a great role model. And this works!

Voilà. Happy reading.

Sportieve groeten,


Tips and Tricks for All Runners

Running is all relative.  There is always someone faster.  I was just talking with a lady last night and she said to me multiple times, “There’s no way I can keep up with you guys.”  And all I said to that is, “You don’t have to – it is you vs you.”   A great way to get better, however, is to run with faster people. It gives you positive reinforcement that you are on the right track and it also teaches you more about running and yourself than if you only run with people your own pace.

There is always someone faster….

I don’t personally know any world record holders, so I can safely say that everyone I know is generally slower than someone else.  People come up to me and say – wow – you ran a 5:33 mile at a race last week – that’s fast.  …

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