Gastblog Gert: van lijden naar leiden!

Vandaag hebben wij Gert Verlinden te gast. Gert vertelt over hardlopen, over lijden, en over leiden. Welkom Gert! Lees verder Gastblog Gert: van lijden naar leiden!

#Leadership #Top50 – only “for better”!

It’s this time of the year again. The Independent and other media publish their Top50 of Powerful people. The Independent notes: True power is a potent combination of money and influence that enables people to help shape the world I have my doubts about this list, and the underlying definition of true power. This Top50 is filled with “heads of state, billionaires, CEOs, and entertainers”. Beyoncé comes it … Lees verder #Leadership #Top50 – only “for better”!

Leadership talent – we all have it

A while ago, I had dinner with Greet Bunnens from YouBrandBuilder. Very inspiring, and it set me thinking about Leadership. The question that Greet triggered: when we talk about Leadership, there often seems to be this big misunderstanding ? With regards to Leadership, what are the first things that cross our mind? A government leader announcing big military decisions ? An automotive Executive stepping down after his … Lees verder Leadership talent – we all have it