Wir schaffen das!

Vandaag werden wij uitgedaagd om snel en kort iets te posten over het concept Resilient. “Snel”, dat is gewoonlijk geen probleem. Maar “kort”, daar durf ik mijn hand niet voor in het vuur steken. Goed, resilience dus. In het schoon Vlaams: veerkrachtig, weerbaar. Of anders, elastisch, flexibel, verend vermogen, incasseringsvermogen, etc. Enfin, u begrijpt waar we heen… Lees meer Wir schaffen das!

Employability in 8 key points

“Employability”, what an ugly word. Now, about employability, in 8 key points: SITUATION. In a whitepaper which Securex has published recently, the employability of Belgian workers is scrutinized. New legislation has increased the current pension age (65 yrs) to 67 yrs in 2030. Politicians have explained why these measures are needed: in order to maintain our social welfare system.  Some even claim that… Lees meer Employability in 8 key points

How to build “resilience”, in times of madness ?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” R.B. Fuller, quoted from “Reinventing Organisations” (Frederic Laloux) Facts & figures with regards to mental problems in our society are alarming and in fact, shocking. No less than 32% of our population reports… Lees meer How to build “resilience”, in times of madness ?